How to close an Adidas account when someone dies

How to close an Adidas account when someone dies

Most people would want to close their digital accounts after their demise. Unfortunately, many people do not appoint anyone to manage their digital data after they go away, leaving inactive accounts and data vulnerable to predators. If a loved one has left you responsible for their Adidas account, refer to this article to learn how to close an Adidas account after someone has passed away. Follow these steps, and you will be all set to delete that Adidas account.

Information you will need:

  • Username 
  • Password

As long as you have this data, you will not have to wonder how to close an Adidas account for too long. 

However, if you have logged into that account from Facebook, Google, or Yahoo, you will have to disconnect the account before deleting it. So when you try to close someone’s Adidas account, ensure to disconnect the account from anything else.

Here is how to close an Adidas account

You can delete an Adidas account within minutes if you have the username and password. 

First, log in to the Adidas account and click on the “Personal Information” option. You will see an option written as Account Details in the section and select the “Delete Account” link. 

Once you click on the link, you will see a different page. Navigate to the bottom of that page and choose “Yes. Delete My Account.”

Viola! You have successfully deleted the Adidas account in no time! You can delete an Adidas account from the Adidas website or the app. You can still use the Adidas app without an account, but you can not log in anymore.

It is crucial to delete/manage inactive accounts of a deceased loved one. Accounts that do not have a person behind them get targeted by hackers. Always ensure that any inactive account of a loved one still has someone managing it.

Now that you know how important it is to make sure your online accounts are handled the way you want them to be, create a Digital Estate Plan or a Digital Will.

A Digital Estate Plan ensures your online accounts are handled as per your wishes after you’re gone or incapacitated. A Digital Will is a Will for your Digital Assets.

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