How To Make A Bucket List Journal: Step-By-Step

Making of an amazing bucket list journal

We live our life once. We want to experience everything that will make us feel amazed. You preferably don’t want to live your whole life and look back at regret. So to save yourself guilt due to your past conduct, make a bucket list journal

So here we have minted some ways to clarify your stand on preparing a bucket list journal. This blog post will help you figure out how to create your bucket list journal. It would help if you looked out for multiple parameters before making a final decision.

So let’s start with the main topic of concern, i.e., steps to make a bucket list journal. 

How To Plan For Your Journal?

Planning for a journal is the first step toward making a bucket list journal. So let’s discuss the initial plans for making a journal of bucket list ideas.

  1. Choose a journal as per your requirements:

    Some people prefer an extensive diary or a notebook. At the same time, some people prefer to have a pocket notebook. Choose your journal depending upon your need. You simply need to choose a journal that appeals to you.

    Being specific from the initial times can save you from big troubles. Choosing a journal is an essential step because once you start jotting down the points in a journal, you become familiar with it.

    The next step after choosing a journal is to choose a format.

  2. Choose a format:

    A bucket list journal must have the right format. Different people use different formats. Some people prefer to write down the ideas randomly. They don’t follow any specific format.

    Some people prefer to visualize their ideas by putting pictures. Many people do not have the ideas in bullet points. So choose your format wisely to keep the pace up.

  3. Experiment:

    No one can stop you from changing your journal and format. You simply can start writing in any journal with any format. In the future, if you feel you need to change your journal and format, you can change them.

    But being specific with these two from the start can help you make your bucket list ideally. But still, you have the option to change them. So make your bucket list journal without any fear.

Make Your Journal More Interesting

A bucket list is a list of possible things we make to accomplish in our lives. Apart from the above suggestions, some ideas can make your bucket list unforgettable.

The following are the suggestions to make your bucket list more amazing.

  • Visualize the bucket list: Attach photographs with the ideas. It will have a different impact on your mind.
  • Frame a conversation: The ideas must connect with your soul. You must feel connected with the idea in your life.
  • Make it more than a journal: Your journal can be an inspiration for others. For example, write down the reason for mentioning the ideas in the list. Make it public so that people can learn life lessons from it.

Completing The Bucket List Journal Ideas

We start a journey with full excitement and end up in the mid-way. It is easy to create anything. But being consistent is the key to completing the task. The same goes with the bucket list journal.

We start maintaining a journal with full enthusiasm. But life is unpredictable. A small adverse event in your life can stop you from maintaining your journal. But how to keep up in this expedition with all life’s adversities?

The answer to this question is mentioned below.

  1. Ask Questions from Yourself:

    This is the best way to keep maintaining the journal. Before writing anything in the journal, ask yourself why you mention it. Keep your finances, budgeting, and responsibilities in mind.

    Also, the main thing which must be kept in mind is the time-bound. We have very little time with us. So prepare the bucket list ideas keeping the time limit in mind.

  2. Gratitude Journal:

    Keep a gratitude journal. Some things in our lives make us feel grateful. Include those things in your bucket list journal. It gives a feeling of accomplishment.

    Including the things, you are grateful for makes you happy and takes your stress level down. So try mentioning all the things which make you satisfied in the journal.

  3. Reverse Bucket List:

    A bucket list isn’t all about making a list of things you want to experience in your life. Make a list of the things which has given you a feeling of accomplishment.

    Preparing a reverse bucket will remind you of what has made you happy in the past.


Everybody wants to make their life comfortable. People want to achieve everything in their life. This thirst never comes down. 

However, we all must prepare a bucket list journal from our busy schedules. Put all your desires and dreams on this bucket list. This will give you another reason to work hard and achieve your goals. 

All the best with your bucket list journal.