8 Achievable Birthday Bucket List Ideas to Accomplish This Year

Achievable Birthday Bucket List Ideas to Accomplish

Time flies very quickly. A year passes, and we wait to live another year facing the same challenges and changes. A plan must be made to make the changes. But when is the right time to make such a change? How can we make this decision? The answer to this question is straightforward. Our life gets shorter with each of our birthdays. So we must prepare bucket list ideas to rejuvenate our life and our birthday. 

In this birthday bucket list, include achievable ideas. The idea must not be expensive, not beyond your limits, and must not affect your important work. Keep these things in mind while preparing a birthday bucket list ideas. In this blog, we have figured out a list of achievable ideas which can be accomplished on your birthday.

Let us have a glance at those wonderful Birthday Bucket List Ideas.

  1. Learning a new skill: We all are students for life. We must not stop our learning process. We get busy with our lives and we forget to learn a new skill or art. But this year, make a plan to learn a new skill.

    This can help you to rediscover yourself. You will be able to find a new version of yourself and it will enable you to see things with a new perception. 

  2. Reconnect with an old friend: On your birthday this year, try to connect with an old friend. People drift their paths and get busy with their respective lives. Try connecting with an old friend on your birthday. This can light up your mood and soul.
  3. Take a resolution to practice yoga: As we grow old, the things around us become complicated. These complications keep on increasing. Yoga is a practice that helps in the healing of the body as well as the mind.

    Practicing yoga can help a person attain mental peace. So include this beautiful practice on your birthday bucket list ideas. A strong will can help you to achieve this goal this year.
  4. Read new books: Reading enhances your knowledge and embraces the soul. Resolve on your birthday to read new books. Reading is a habit that can help a person to grow in life. Be it professional growth, financial growth, or growth of mind. A book can help you in many ways. 
  5. Writing letters: Handwritten letters might have gone out of fashion. But this year, try out sending handwritten letters. Go to stationery, and buy papers and envelopes.

    Write a letter to anyone whom you want to write. Conventionally send the letter. This might help you to understand the importance of handwritten letters. The letters are written with emotions and their importance can be understood only when they are written.

    So try out this unique idea on your birthday and include this in your bucket list ideas.

  6. Giving time to yourself: We often hear the term “me time”. But we never apply it to our own life. This ignorance can lead you to mental instability.

    Allot some time to yourself. Take care of your body and your soul. Listen to music or do something which you love. This is the best gift you can give to yourself.

  7. Conquer a Fear: Fear holds us back. Don’t let anything hold you back at a constant position. This might keep you away from things. Also, you will be able to overcome your fear.

    This birthday, resolve to conquer a fear. Include this in your bucket list ideas

  8. Post a blog online: Converting your thoughts in the words is the best way to express your perception about a topic. Resolve to post a blog online at a regular interval of time.

    This will help you in improving your personality and will grow your reach. It will help you to interact with new people. Consequently, your circle will grow and people of similar nature will connect with you.


We have to live our life to the fullest so that we don’t miss out on anything. Enjoying life is necessary. Accomplishing our duties is also necessary. 

Don’t get tangled with your responsibilities so much in this short life. Don’t let this opportunity slip. Time passes, and we get older. As we get older, the responsibilities on our shoulders increase. 

So if you are in your younger days, then don’t miss out on this opportunity. Start by preparing a birthday bucket list ideas. It can help you to figure out the exact plan of action to be executed to achieve your dreams.

These days will not come back. We live our life once; try to make it the best one.  We wish you a happy birthday in advance. May you fulfill all your dreams and endeavors.

Hope this article and the Bucket list ideas made were helpful to you.