A Quick Guide To The Most Popular Bucket List Apps

A Quick Guide To The Best Bucket List App Android

We all have life goals. Maybe some are small, like becoming better with money, volunteering your free time to help others, or improving a certain skill. Maybe you have bigger goals like learning a new language or starting your own business. Whatever your goal is, you probably want to cross it off your list and say you’ve done it! That’s where free bucket list apps come in. These apps help you keep track of your goals, dreams, and aspirations. You can even turn them into action steps too!

Maybe it’s time for a bucket list app! Whether you’re looking for ways to make friends or just want a fun way to track your progress toward your goals, these apps will help you keep your life organized and full of adventure. We’ve gathered up our favorite low-cost and free bucket list apps for you to get started crossing things off that list today!

What are the best bucket list apps to create your list? These are free or low-cost options to start even the most basic bucket list. If you’re looking to take your to-do list on the go, add as you go, and let inspiration strike at any moment, you need one of these bucket list apps.

If you want an app that works for both iPhone and Android users and includes features such as goals and achievements, then the best bucket list app android is the right choice. To use Bucket List on your phone, just download it from Apple’s iTunes Store or Google Play for free.

Free Bucket List App Features To Look For

First and foremost, there are a few characteristics you should check for before downloading your bucket list app. With so many apps to pick from, it’s critical to understand what’s important to you. 

  • Security: Security is the most critical element of any program you install on your smart device. Regrettably, cybersecurity is a serious threat. As part of your digital heritage, you want to ensure your app secures your data.
  • Social: Some bucket list apps contain social capabilities, such as the ability to add contacts, friends, and other information. This is a fantastic concept for a collaborative list.
  • Sharing: You could also want to share your checklist on social media, with family, or by SMS. Consider whether or not your app may be shared.
  • Geography: If you’re making a trip bucket list, you might want the app to have some geography features, such as an interactive map.
  • Timelines: Setting deadlines for your bucket list items is sometimes necessary, even if optional. Is it possible to incorporate timelines in your app of choice?
  • Inspiration: Many applications provide ideas and tools to help you create a bucket list for various reasons, goals, and other events.
  • Review: Finally, check if your bucket list app has any existing studies. You should only install trusted apps because you’ll be revealing personal information.

Free Bucket List Apps

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how to construct a bucket list. These popular free bucket list applications are entirely free. Even better, they guide you through the process of making a bucket list at your own pace. These are the best bucket list apps on android.

  1. Daylio Goals and Tracker

    To begin, Daylio is a free app with over 10 million users who trust it. Daylio transforms your daily mood and exercise goals into beautiful charts, metrics, and statistics. Set goals easily, mark them off as you go, and check in regularly to keep your app up to current. While there is a paid version, Daylio can be downloaded and used for free.

  1. The Bucket

    On the other hand, Bucket is a bucket list app made by actual individuals who value real-life events. This claims to be the first social media app that connects users through shared experiences. You can come up with fresh ideas, exchange stories from your bucket list, and make new friends. It’s all about setting goals and working together to achieve them.
  2.  Bucket List for Bears

    Bear Bucket List is a beautifully designed app. This software, known for its attention to detail, encourages users to dream greater. Make up your own categories, write them down, and see what happens. With these lovely, cartoonish designs, you’ll wonder if the sky is your only limit.

  1. Planner for Goal Setting and Tracking

    Goal Setting Tracking Planner, on the other hand, is a free tool with excellent reviews. Set your most important goals, make a daily schedule, and keep track of your progress. You’ll be motivated to keep going once you see how far you’ve come. You can use this software on your phone, iPad, or another intelligent device to achieve personal and professional goals.

  1. Places I’ve Been: A Map of My Travels

    The world is your oyster to explore. On the Visited app, you’re encouraged to track your travels. Create your travel bucket list here, which is ideal for generating your own travel statistics. You can not only watch your map evolve, but you can also visit previously unknown locations.

  1. Be Successful

    What if you could do anything you wanted in one place? Accomplish is the app for all of your life’s “want-to-do” items. Create your own bucket list, include your “whys,” and watch motivating videos along the way. Even though there is a paid version, you can create your own bucket list for free.


When searching for a free bucket list app, it is no surprise that there are so many to choose from. They all claim to be the best, but there is only one way to find out. You need to see if the features match up with what you need.

There may be a few dozen apps for planning a bucket list these days. If you’re looking for inspiration to start a list of your own, go ahead and browse through these apps. You might find something that fits your fancy.