50 Unique Bucket List Ideas To Try Before You Die

Unique Bucket List Ideas to Try Before You Die

We only live once, and we know that life is short. There are so many things to do before you die, and you know that. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey by preparing a bucket list. 

A bucket list is a new concept. On a bucket list, people put all the things they want to do in their life. They do the segmentation as necessary, such as wedding bucket lists and high school bucket lists. 

So here in this blog, we will share our bucket list of ideas that you can try before you die. So let’s start!

Bucket List Ideas for Nature Lovers

  1. Visit Grand CanyonThere is a reason why people call it paradise. Visit this place and explore it yourself.
  2. Go on a Jungle SafariGoing on a jungle safari can be one of the best experiences.
  3. See the Northern LightsYou can see the northern lights in Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia, or Greenland.
  4. Swimming in the Major OceansIf you are an adventure lover, you can afford to miss this. Try this idea before you die.
  5. Visit a Remote IslandGoing to a less-known place is always adventurous.
  6. A Long Drive around the CountryThis can be a cherishing experience.
  7. A Sailing TripThe world looks different when you are away from the lands.
  8. A night out in a JungleThis can be a cherishing moment for you if you are a nature lover.
  9. Do PlantingA true nature lover does planting naturally. But still, you can this to your bucket list.
  10. TrekkingIt is not only about climbing a mountain. It is about exploring the beauty of mountains.

Bucket List Ideas for an Adventure Lover

  1. Get a TattooGet a tattoo on your body. Getting inked is a real adventure.
  2. Bungee JumpingIt is a hell of an experience. Jot this down on your bucket list of ideas if you love adventure. 
  3. Water RaftingThis adventurous sport cannot miss the list if you truly love adventure. 
  4. Extreme SportsSports that can get your blood pumped must be on the list, such as surfing.
  5. Set a World RecordSet a new benchmark no matter in which field you do it.
  6. Travel to Exotic PlacesTravelling is a soul rebound therapy. Travel outside your comfort zone. 
  7. Scuba DivingHow can this miss the list?
  8. Visit Wonders of WorldExplore the beauty of this amazing world.
  9. Learn Horse RidingThis can give you a different experience.
  10.  Climb a MountainMountain climbing is adventurous. So if you love adventure, then it must be on your list.

Bucket List Ideas for Getting Closer to Family

  1. Host a Dinner PartyBring the entire family to a dinner table. Invite all your family relatives. This can make you feel better at times.
  2. Family VacationsI need not mention any detail. The word says it all.
  3. Cook TogetherThis is the best option to bring a family closer.
  4. Bake TogetherAnother way to bring the family closer.
  5. Go to Bowling LanesIt is a soothing experience going to a bowling lane with family.
  6. Family EntrepreneurshipTry this for once. Get the young ones on the job.
  7. Family PicnicExplore picnic spots with your family.
  8. Discover the Family TreeGather details about your forefather and their descendants. 
  9. Go for a MovieEntertainment with family is a ride of joy.
  10. Build a Living Room FortThis childhood activity can be experienced with your family. 

Bucket List Ideas to do with Friends

  1. Go on a Trip with FriendsTry this idea and get back with amazing memories.
  2. Host a Night OutDiscussing anecdotes with friends is the real fun.
  3. PartyHost a party with friends and for friends. You will cherish this decision forever.
  4. Play CardsIt is always fun to play cards with your friends.
  5. Go to a ConcertGoing to a concert with friends will make you remember.
  6. Have a Movie Night with FriendsEnjoying movies with friends is bliss.
  7. Sing KaraokeHost a karaoke night. Sing your favorite songs and make it a memorable night.
  8. Go on a Spa DayIt is a fantastic experience, and with friends, the experience will enhance.
  9. Go to a New RestaurantGoing to new restaurants with friends is always fun. Don’t miss out on this unique bucket list idea.
  10.  Write a Letter to Your Friend: Express your feelings for your friends. They will love this.

Bucket List Ideas to do with Your Career

  1. Mentor SomeoneHelping someone to succeed in their life always feels nice. 
  2. Graduating from CollegeIf you haven’t graduated from college yet, mention the idea on your bucket list. Choose the course which excites you.
  3. Getting to Higher PositionIf you dream of achieving a higher position in an organization and are passionate about it, include this idea on your bucket list. 
  4. Attending a ConferenceA work conference enhances your confidence and grows your network. 
  5. A Start-up IdeaEverybody has the zeal to do something big and different. If you also have the same aspiration, put this idea on your bucket list.
  6. Addressing an EventEveryone must try public speaking at least once in their life. 
  7. Finding a MentorA suitable mentor always helps you in difficult times of your life. Finding a mentor must be on your list.
  8. Lead a ProjectEverybody has a desire to lead a project for their organization. For this, you have to work hard. Including this idea in the list will keep you motivated.
  9. A Perfect ResumeMaking your resume a perfect one means making your career growth perfect. So mention this in your list.
  10. To Earn MoneyAsk for a raise and make yourself worthy of wealth.


Life is short. We have to achieve everything in this short life only. Working towards our goal with a list of ideas in hand gives clarity. 

The unique bucket list ideas discussed above can clarify the readers about their goals in their life. To analyze and embrace your bucket list full of enthusiastic ideas.