How To Fund Your Funeral And What To Consider When You Choose A Headstone?

Choose a Headstone for loved one's

A headstone carries a lot of sentiments and emotions of the loved one to the deceased. It symbolizes the departed through his name and date of birth, mention of his profession and death details, and makes a thoughtful memorial. While writing the funeral ceremony and carrying out the actual conversion, you as an individual must consider these tips for choosing and how much a headstone demands your loved ones after their death.

How to choose the best Headstone?

For a headstone, there are many options on the material used available. However, what matters to selecting the material for the headstone is a personal preference. One must also figure out how much a headstone requires material to look best for the longest time. These are commonly used materials for a headstone:

  1. Granite – due to the durability and challenging nature of this material, it is preferred by most people. Moreover, it is also available in various colors and finishes. However, only non-polished granite is allowed in the churchyards.  
  2. Marble – the second material is white marble. Due to its natural beauty, it is really popular for building a memorial or head stone. This material can be used in most cemeteries, but the churchyard doesn’t allow it. 
  3. Limestone – since most churchyards allow this material and it is readily available. But this material is not durable and long-lasting, so most people don’t prefer using this for the headstone.
  4. Sandstone – sandstones are also allowed in both churchyards and cemeteries. The most common forms of head stones are Yorkshire and Serena. 
  5. Slate – this material is similar to marble. It is allowed by both churchyards and cemeteries. Generally, slates are easy to curve.

However, the point to be noted here is that the churchyard or cemetery someone is using might have several rules and regulations for the type of material someone is using to make the headstone. So it is advised to check with the funeral director and even the local council before choosing a material for a head stone. 


Which headstone lasts the longest?

Granite and marbles are the two options one has if the long-lasting of a material is a priority. But again, there are two options granite and marble. Which one lasts longer? Undoubtedly, marble has its natural beauty, but granite has no competition for durability and long-lasting nature.

What to write on a Headstone?

Whatever is written on the headstone will last a very long time. The material written on the headstone must be chosen within the deceased’s loved one. Whatever gets carved on the headstone must be resonating with the deceased person.

Generally, the headstone contains a few essential information about the deceased person, like the person’s name, birth date, and death date. This headstone can also contain a short quote that resonates with the deceased person, and this short quote or phrase is known as an epitaph.

Some tips for writing an epitaph on the headstone of your loved one:

  1. Keep it short – only a few lines can be written in the epitaph, so one has to keep it short at the same time.
  2. Think about the voice – from the perspective of the deceased, a relative, or friend, the epitaph can be written.
  3. Be respectful – various people will come for a long time to show their respect. An epitaph must portray the love and respect for one’s deceased person. This also shows how much a head stone means to the deceased person’s loved ones.
  4. Make it timeless – these words will be read by future generations, so longevity must be kept in mind while writing an epitaph.

What is the Cost of a Headstone?

Various types of headstones cost different. Although every type of headstone is available depending on various factors, their pricing also varies. 

The Actual stone

The stone itself is the most obvious cost. At first glance, a stone seems to be a low-cost material. However, people usually forget that the stone used to make the headstone took thousands of years to form and get that shape. It is durable, but on the other hand, it is also a non-renewable resource.

For headstones primarily, there are two options: granite and marble.

Available in various colors today, the most common headstone material is granite. The variation in the granite colors comes from multiple locations of the world. However, if one is looking out for a more exotic stone, it must be shipped and taxed, eventually adding up the cost.

However, due to the durability and the relative affordability of the granite, it is highly preferred. A granite stone’s average headstone cost is around $450. On the other hand, marble is a more expensive option. However, it is preferred by many people because of its more polished appearance.


Creating a headstone requires skilled engraving. Based on the details, the cost of engraving a headstone varies. For the inscription of 20 or 30 letters in length, the engraving cost is $20 per letter on average.


Just creating a headstone is not enough. Once the headstone is completed, the installation is done. The cemeteries offer this but that too at a cost. $150 and $450 is the average cost of installing a headstone.


If someone thinks just after the installation, the work is over; they might be wrong. How much is a headstone demand for maintenance depends on the material selection. The maintenance cost is also included in the headstone. For instance, a marble demands time to time maintenance; if not done, it will lose its natural beauty. $40 and $170 is the average cost companies charge for the maintenance.


This was all about a headstone, how to choose a monument, how much a headstone cost, and much more. The total cost of the headstone from selection to maintenance is somewhere between $1000 to $1500 on average. There is no harm in choosing the best head stone for your loved one, as this will be the last tribute to them.