25 Best Goodbye Songs (Farewell to Friends and Family)

Lady listening to Goodbye Songs

While it is hard to say goodbye to someone, it is an inevitable part of our life. The only thing which we can do is to make the goodbyes memorable. There are many ways to give a special gift or a grand farewell party. Goodbye songs can be used at any time. Anywhere you are, you could play the songs and feel nostalgic for your old days. The pieces can be played in various situations like the death or retirement of a colleague, etc.

Mostly, farewell songs are played at funerals. These songs remind us that we all have to die one day. The songs also make us realize that it is not easy to separate from our dear ones. We have created a list of 25 Goodbye Songs that can make the goodbyes even better.

  1. I will remember you” by Sarah McLauchlan 

    This song was launched in 1993 by famous singer Sarah McLauchlan. The lyrics of the song are a little sad but hopeful. Sometimes goodbyes can be painful, but there are still some hopes left, and for this kind of goodbyes, this song is perfect.

  2. Goodbye my lover” by James Blunt

    This is a farewell song by pop artist James Blunt. This song is meant for saying goodbye to your lover, but it can also be played while saying goodbye to your closest friend.

  3. Candle in the wind” by Elton John

    This song was written in honor of Marilyn Monroe by Sir Elton and Burnie Taupin. This song is one made for sad goodbyes. In 1997, when Princess Di died in a car accident, a rewritten version was used as a tribute.

  4. Goodbye My Friend” by Linda Ronstadt

    This is a song for a dead friend. This one is heartbreaking but ideal for the loss of a friend.

  5. Careless Whisper” by George Michael

    This famous song by George Michael is written for when you have cheated on.

  6. If you Leave Me Now” by Chicago

    Sometimes goodbyes are very much difficult. This classic rock by Chicago is all about begging someone not to go and stay back. Another version of this song was recorded by the R&B group Boyz II Men.

  7. Fire and Rain” by James Taylor

    This song was written and recorded by James Taylor in honor of a friend who passed. Also, this song was released as a part of ‘Sweet Baby James’ in 1970.

  8. One More Day” by Diamond Rio

    The lyrics of this song by Diamond Rio ask to go back in time after saying goodbye to someone. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of that.

  9. Never Say Goodbye” by Bon Jovi

    Bon Jovi wrote this song to hold back the long-time friends for more fun. It is the perfect goodbye song that can even convince your friend emotionally to stay back a bit longer.

  10. Happy Trails” by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

    Goodbyes can be pleasant as well. With the meaning of this song, you can say a happy and pleasant goodbye to your friends, family, and your loved ones.

  11. Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC

    Not all goodbye songs are slow. This song is a dance song. This is a pop hit dance song saying goodbye to another person. This song was released as a part of the popular album ‘no strings attached.

  12. Farewell” by Rihana

    This song is all about saying goodbye to your friends on a road trip. This is a cheering goodbye song that can be played when your friends and family leave you.

  13. The Dance” by Garth Brooks

    This is a perfect song for a funeral and is about the passage of time. But the lyrics do not make it clear that this song is about death or a breakup. Perhaps only Garth knows about it.

  14. Seasons in the Sun” by Westlife

    This song is about a man who prepared him to die while the birds sing in the sky and spring is in the air. He asks his friend to think of his and their seasons in the sun together.

  15. Who You’d Be Today” by Kenny Chesney

    Listen to this song while thinking about someone who passed away too soon. The song’s ending says, ‘God Knows How I Miss You.’

  16. Leaving on a Jet Plane” by Peter, Paul, and Mary

    We think that this song should be sad. But the goodbye said in this song is not permanent. This essence of the song makes it a perfect goodbye song with hope.

  17. Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds

    This song is played at the starting and end of The Breakfast Club. This song was recorded after convincing enough by the Scottish group Simple Minds.

  18. Dancing with Myself” by Billy Idol

    This song is indicative of the fact that we must keep dancing even after our loved ones have left us.

  19. I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

    Goodbyes can be easy. This song by Gloria Gaynor has inspired so many people to move on in their life.

  20. Hello, Goodbye” by The Beatles

    The Beatles released this song when they were experimenting with ‘randomness’ in their music. Your goodbye songs playlist is incomplete without this song.

  21. Take This Job and Shove It” by Johnny Paycheck

    This song is common among people who have dreamed of leaving their job. The ironic part is the surname of the singer.

  22. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” by Paul Simon

    This song is perfect when you are about to leave your other half.

  23. Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles

    This is a classical song by Ray Charles from the 1960s where women are saying goodbye to him.

  24. You Raise Me” by Josh Groban

    This is an Irish song and a perfect tribute to your inspirational friend.

  25. You’re My Best Friend” by Queen

    The Queen’s best song is about the celebration of friendship. This song has deep meanings concerning your friendship.