What To Wear To A Funeral If You Don’t Have A Suit? : 10 Appropriate Funeral Attire For Men

Appropriate funeral attire for men

Ask a person what to wear at a funeral, and you will answer the black coat. This is the only option people find to wear at a funeral. Well, there are some undiscovered options that most people don’t know.

Men have many other combinations to dress up for a funeral than the black coat or grey suit. The funeral is the last event of a person’s life, and the most important thing is to look decent and presentable. So, here we have made a list of the 10 most appropriate funeral attire for men.

1. Wear Casuals with A Tie

Consider a situation where someone has no money to buy or rent a black suit but still wants to show up at a funeral. If you are facing a similar situation, you need not worry because you must have a decent shirt and a pair of trousers in your closet. Pair them with a tie to look dressy. Remember to wear a simple tie because funeral attire for men is about simplicity.

2. Use a Dress Coat

If you don’t have a black coat but a dress coat, you can dress for a funeral. A funeral is a serious event, and simple attire looks best in such serious moments. Wear a dress coat with a sweater or shirt, which will dress you according to a funeral.

3. Wear Formal Shoes

Sometimes shoes can define your personality. Whether you have money for a suit or not, a formal shoe with a simple look can do the work for you. Even if you wear a casual dress with a black or brown formal shoe, it will look perfect as per the funeral. Never wear completely casual attire.

4. Suits of Another Color

What if you don’t have a black suit but have a suit of a different color? Well, this situation is familiar to many people. People buy black suits very rarely but buy suits of different colors. You can wear suits of different colors at a funeral as well. The only condition is that suit must be of a decent color, most probably dark colors. This will give perfect funeral attire for men.

5. A Polo T-Shirt

This might sound unfamiliar and rare, but it is the perfect attire for a funeral. Wear a black polo t-shirt, tuck it inside the pant perfectly so that it fits your body. Contrary to popular belief, this attire suits the funeral ceremonies. This is suitable for outdoor funeral ceremonies and funeral ceremonies in warm places.

6. Pocket Squares

This is a small thing, but people often notice pocket squares at a funeral. Keep the pocket square dark and, more particularly, black with a different color other than the black suit.

7. Dark Socks

Shift your attention to your feet as well. People might not notice your feet very often, but it can create an impact when you are not wearing proper conventional funeral clothes.

8. Sweaters and Cardigans

These two things can work at a funeral ceremony. You may not have a black suit, but you must have a black sweater or cardigan. Sweaters and cardigans in black color are trendy among the people. Use these as attires at a funeral ceremony. The sweater must be fit and have a professional look as well. Also, the sweater or cardigan must be plain and must not be printed. 

9. Turtlenecks with the Right Trouser

Like the polo t-shirts with khaki pants can do the job of a black coat, turtlenecks are also one of the best alternatives to a black coat for a funeral service. Wear it ideally with formal shoes and present yourself nicely at the funeral. It is an excellent alternative to conventional funeral attire. 

10. Include Key Accessories

There are minimal options for funeral attire for men. There are some ceremonies where accessories do the job, but it is suggested to wear very few when it comes to a funeral. Use accessories that are compatible with funeral rites and profound moments.

Besides these, some etiquettes must be followed at a funeral ceremony. You must be clean shaved, and if not, your beard must be well-trimmed. Also, no matter which funeral attire for men you are wearing, they must be neat and clean. It gives a good look at the funeral ceremony.