51 Unique Bucket List Ideas You Have to Try

51 Unique Bucket List Ideas You Have to Try

Are you someone who has many dreams but is still in doubt about whether they can all be fulfilled? The best way to achieve a goal is to chalk it out as specific tasks. But how do you know which one to pick first? Should you start from the bottom and work up or choose one each day? To give you some inspiration for your bucket list goals and get some ideas for your own list, here’s a compilation of 51 unique bucket list ideas that you have to try at least once in your lifetime.

So, before jumping into bucket list ideas, let’s dive into some questions to clear this doubt.

How to Create a Bucket List?

A bucket list is not the same for two people of different age groups. Children think about going to a theme park, meeting the Tooth Fairy, or traveling to someplace made for children. At the same time, adults think of getting married or getting a promotion. 

The things might be different in the bucket list of other people. But it is essential to make a bucket list.

Spare some time to work alone

No matter how much you are busy with your life, set aside some time to prepare a list of your fantasies. Use this time to dream without getting influenced from outside. You can also create this as a family activity where each family member will take some time to create their bucket list.

1. Make a list of what excites you

Make a list of what used to excite you. What was your fondest memory? Going to a beach? Don’t wait for more and prepare a list of such things. Be honest with yourself. Usually, there are no wrong answers during such brainstorming thinking sessions. Write down all the things which you are passionate about.

2. Prepare long-term and short-term ideas

Prepare an idea keeping in mind the duration of it. Prepare a list of things you want to do before you die. Make a separate list of things that will take time to complete and separate lists of items that can be done at one go. Plan critically and wisely before it’s too late.

3. Put in the work

After preparing all the ideas, put your ideas into work. Plan everything perfectly so that you can complete your wishes before you die.

4. Go for it

After planning everything like managing funds, taking leave from your work, go and live your life. This is the time you were waiting for your life. Live all your dreams and satisfy your inner soul. Fulfill all your wishes in your unique bucket list idea.

51 Unique Bucket List Ideas

Get in front of the people

  1. Perform a play.
  2. Perform on karaoke.
  3. Try stand-up comedy.
  4. Get on a live show.
  5. Start your online channel, podcast.

Travel Anywhere

  1. Fly in first class even the journey is short.
  2. Visit a place you read about in your childhood.
  3. Visit a city at the time of its festival, like Ney York City at New Year.
  4. Take a train to anywhere, buy the ticket at the very last moment to any destination.
  5. Spend some days in a city which you have dreamt of.
  6. Take a vacation alone, be a sole traveler.
  7. Close your eyes and point to a place on a map and visit there.
  8. Spend a whole night at a haunted place.
  9. Visit every continent.
  10. Visit the place you heard about from your grandparents.

Travel International Destinations

  1. Attend famous festivals in other countries.
  2. Visit UNESCO world heritage sites.
  3. Volunteer in third-world countries.
  4. Visit the seven wonders; this is the fascinating one.
  5. Explore Europe, the beauty.

Accomplish Your Food Goals

  1. Learn to cook your favorite dish and the most difficult one.
  2. Take an eating challenge.
  3. Eat what you love, keep aside your health problems for once.
  4. Distribute food amongst the unprivileged.
  5. Try local dishes from countries you visit.
  6. Explore street foods in your area without thinking of health aspects.

Learn New Skills

  1. Learn art skills online or from your local classes.
  2. Master a skill you are afraid of, like swimming.
  3. Master common skills which you have not learned till now in your life.
  4. Learn to play instruments.
  5. Learn to sing, dance.
  6. Try horse riding. 
  7. Learn writing alphabets backward.
  8. Ride a vehicle which you fear, like a helicopter or small plane.
  9. Learn cooking.
  10. Learn to drive a car or a bike, if you don’t know yet.

Work on Self-Improvement

  1. Read books.
  2. Start daily prayers.
  3. Start meditation.
  4. Include exercise in your daily routine.
  5. Read at least ten banned books.
  6. Overcome your fears.
  7. Read something you have missed in your school or college.
  8. Behave unprofessionally for some time.
  9. Writing a book, publishing it is an option.
  10. Confess truth to people in your life.
  11. Spend time with your loved ones.

Work on Your Entertainment Goal

  1. Meet your favorite actor.
  2. Attend a live concert which you have thought of very long ago.
  3. Attend a movie premiere.
  4. Work on the set of a movie with your favorite artist.

The Conclusion

Everybody has unique bucket list ideas. People fear to express it. The idea to create a bucket list doesn’t come with age. You can start creating one at 14, 18, or even 80. This is an opportunity to declare your dreams, do weird things, and fight for them. Your bucket list is yours, and its purpose is to fill your life with joy. It is a useful way to remind you of all the awesome things you want to do at some point in your life.

Set yourself a challenge, do something you’ve never done before, and start today! Start small, then build yourself up to grow your bucket list each year.