30 Get Well Wishes to Send in a Card, Email, or Note

30 Get Well Wishes to Send in a Card, Email, or Note

It might seem a traditional way to wish someone for faster recovery from a medical condition, especially among millennials and teenagers. But sending the best wishes to such a person can uplift their mood. Positive messages encourage sick people in their hour of vulnerability. So, sending best wishes is good for all generations.

A get-well message should be positive, enjoyable, and short. To help you out, we have shortlisted 30 get-well messages that we will share in the article today. Refer to the messages and use them for your loved ones to show that you are there during their tough days.

Three things to keep in mind before writing and sending a get-well note or email;

  • Relationship with the Recipient
  • Person Medical Condition
  • The Person Nature & Behaviour

Here’s the list of 30 Get Well Best Wishes for different situations and relationships

Wishes for Someone in Critical Medical Condition (Life-threatening diseases or hospitalized due to accident)

1) Sending healthy vibes and wishing you a speedy recovery!

2) I am fortunate to have you with me. You mean so much to me!

3) I am and will always be there for you. You mean the world to me!

4) These bad days will pass away; they always do. I can’t wait to hang out with you again for hours.

5) You are an inspiration for everyone around. Stay positive, and goodwill will come!

Get Well Wishes before and After Surgery

6) Best wishes for the surgery and sound health for years to come!

7) Congratulations on the successful surgery. I can’t wait to meet you outside

8) Wishing you a speedy recovery. Let me know of any support. I’ll be honored!

9) We all love and support you. I hope your recovery is short and sweet!

10) Sending the warmest wishes from the core of my heart. I always care for you!

Inspiration Message for Cards and Email

11)The way you handle problems is a true inspiration for everyone. I wish to be as strong as you when the time comes. Best Wishes!

12) You are a light that enlightens everybody around, including me. You are way more important to me than you can even realize.

13) I always look up to and appreciate the spirit to fight problems in life. I know you can overcome this obstacle too like you always do.

14) One day at a time. I know these are tough times, hang in there with a positive attitude, you will soon recover from this medical condition, and we will be together again.

15) You’re one tough guy, and I know you’ll kick this disease/problem out of the park!

Get well wishes for a best friend

16) You are the best person I have known in my entire life, get well soon and let’s have our special time together again.

17) You are the brother of another mother. I miss you like anything. Sending wishes for faster recovery.

18) I am there for you in all seasons. Let me know if anything you need at any time of the day, and I will be there for you.

19) You are a great friend who always stays when the rain starts to pour. I miss my buddy.

20) Now is the time, rest as long as you can! I have long weekends planned once you have recovered.

Get well wishes for a family member

21) You are the backbone of our household. There is nothing good about it without you. Get well and come home soon. We miss you, dear!

22) Our love and best wishes are on their way to telling you how much we love you. Hurry home soon, my love. 

23) We know you are a true workaholic, but it’s time to relax your muscles and take care of household tasks. Even the best soldiers deserve holidays!!

Get well wishes for kids

24) Hey champ, your superheroes send their powers for your faster recovery. They miss you, recover fast

25) My sunshine, get well soon. We love you more than anything in the world

Funny Get Well Wishes

We do not need to be all serious about good wishes all the time. You can use humorous messages to tickle their funny bones and make the room lighter.

26) When you are ill, it’s only because you are just too awesome, and everyone around wants to catch up with you

27) Best wishes for your speedy recovery, as I cannot take so much love from our bosses alone. See you soon at our corporate circus

28) Doctors are not leaving you because they have developed a crush on you. Don’t worry, I am there to rescue you!!

29) Enjoy all the attention around you. These viruses will tire of you and leave soon.

30) You are too beautiful to stay on the hospital bed for long. Sending you hugs and kisses, come home fast, dear!!

A person feels support, love, and care through these get-well messages. People are vulnerable and emotionally weak when they fall sick or are hospitalized due to some accident. Use these beautiful messages according to relationship, behavior, and comfort level with the recipient, and they will surely love your gesture.