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Clocr’s Emergency Card

Accessing your Emergency Contacts when you're unable to speak for yourself is NOW EASY & FREE!


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What is an Emergency Card?

Clocr’s Emergency Card is the fastest, easiest way to reach your emergency contacts if you find yourself in an emergency situation and are unable to speak for yourself. The Emergency Card allows a first responder or good Samaritan to reach your emergency contacts instantly.

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“Gives me peace of mind”
- Smita
“My fiance was saved in time”
- Kritika
“First responders reached my family instantly”
- Kritika
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How does the card work?

  1. Scan the QR Code The person helping you scans the QR code on your Emergency Card (or on the keyring tag)
  2. Activate SOS Button Next, they activate the “SOS” button to send an SMS message and a phone call to all your emergency contacts
  3. Immediate Call Connect The first person to respond will be immediately connected to the person that activated the SOS call

Why Emergency Card?

You may have emergency contacts stored in your phone now, but what if your phone is damaged or is unable to be opened or unlocked? The Emergency Card doesn’t need to be recharged and can’t be broken.

Easy to carry

Easy to use. A QR scan is all it takes.

In addition to your emergency contacts, you can also provide vital information to first responders, such as allergies, current medications, and even your medical power of attorney.

Ready to Connect Your Designated Emergency Contacts?


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Commonly Asked Questions

During an emergency the first responders or a good Samaritan scans the QR code on the Emergency Card or Emergency Key Tag. That QR code has Clocr emergency helpline IVR number and the unique ID of the user embedded in it. Upon dialing the IVR number, our system connects the caller with one of the available emergency contacts of the user.

We are currently offering this service in the USA only. We do have plans to expand this service to other countries soon. Your emergency contacts can reside within the supported countries.

You can always print a new card.

At Clocr, we take security very seriously. We don’t disclose any emergency contacts of the user. Instead, we automatically place the calls and when someone picksup the phone, we will connect the caller with the emergency contact.

Absolutely yes. Once your unique id is issued, you can change your emergency contacts at will.