Plan ahead for an emergency, today.

Unforeseen emergencies can strike you at any time. Set up your emergency response plan with Emergency Card and ICE Vault so they can speak for you when you are unable to.

Ensure that you and your family are completely ready for emergencies with a family emergency plan.


What’s Included In Emergency Planning?

Emergency Card

Globe trotter? Biker? Commuter? A person with special needs? School-going young adult? Emergency card can be your guardian angel. Set up in 60 secs.

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Emergency (ICE) Vault

Your private vault for crucial information such as medical documents, insurance papers, vitals, and more. Grant family members access to the vault in times of need.

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Your emergency contacts are a quick scan away with Emergency Card

Emergency Planning
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Emergency Vault—access crucial information whenever, wherever.

Secure & comprehensive emergency planning

Stay ahead of emergencies. Using our emergency planning tools is very easy and it’s protected by our patent-pending security.

Clocr will be there for you every step of the way. Emergency preparation starts with you and ends with your family being happy and carefree.


Frequently Asked Questions

Start by creating your Clocr account and proceed to create your Emergency Card and Emergency (ICE) Vault so you will be prepared for unexpected emergencies.

Dealing with emergencies can be emotional and difficult, especially for loved ones. By creating an emergency preparedness plan, you ensure that your loved ones can always stay connected with you and take timely action to help you during a family emergency.

During an emergency the first responders or a good Samaritan scans the QR code on the Emergency Card or Emergency Key Tag. That QR code has Clocr emergency helpline IVR number and the unique ID of the user embedded in it. Upon dialing the IVR number, our system connects the caller with one of the available emergency contacts of the user.
Your Emergency (ICE) Vault ensures that your emergency contacts can access important information required during an emergency such as medical and insurance documents, legal contacts, and more.
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Plan & Protect Your Loved Ones From Unexpected Emergencies.

Emergency Planning

Emergencies often come unannounced. Plan comprehensively and be prepared with Emergency Card & In Case of Emergency (ICE) Vault.

Family Vault

Organize, manage and appoint nominees for all your online accounts information, and critical documents such as–legal, medical, & more

Directives & Wills

Create Last Will, Social Media Will and more. Ensure your assets are managed the way you wish after you pass away.

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