20 BEST Birthday Songs for Daughters That Will Give You All the Feels

20 BEST Birthday Songs For Daughters

Daughters hold an essential place in every family. Everyone in the family has a soft corner for their daughter, and that love must be reflected. The best way to show your love to your daughters is by playing songs. You can sing a birthday song for your daughter on her birthday. You can sing songs for your daughter on a special occasion. 

Songs play an integral role in life. It is because we connect ourselves with songs. The lyrics of the songs are written for a specific audience, and songs written for daughters have a special touch to them. This blog post will discuss the best songs for daughters that will give you all the feels for your daughter. So let’s jump with the song list.

20 Best Birthday Songs for Daughters

  1. My Girl: The Temptations- Not technically a song about the daughters, but it works well with the daughters as it is a fun song. Your little girl will surely like it. 
  2. Daughters- John Mayer: This song cannot miss this list. When daughters are born and we hold them for the first time in our hands, we get emotional. This song gives us that feeling.  
  3. Isn’t She Lovely– Stevie Wonder: This song was written by Mr. Wonder when his daughter was born. It is the epitome of songs that we all must have heard before.  
  4. I’ll Be- Reba McEntire: The lyrics of this song can make the parents of every daughter cry. It has an emotional touch that cannot be ignored. 
  5. My Little Girl- Jack Johnson: Johnson is known for folksy-style songs. He wrote this sweet song for his daughter. The song’s lyrics are “You stole my heart the moment you were born” and are bound to connect with any friend. 
  6. Cecilia and The Satellite- Andrew McMahon: This singer is particularly famous for pop music. But besides being a musician, he is also a father, which is why he has written this lovely song for his daughter. 
  7. Butterfly Kisses- Bob Carlisle: Following your daughter’s journey from a baby to a bride, the lyrics of this will urge you to keep your daughter young forever.
  8. For My Daughter- Kane Brown: This song is a father-daughter duo song, and the lyrics of this song are both sweet and sad. The lyrics of this song go like this, “I grew up without a dad/I’m gonna be the best one I can be.”
  9. My Little Girl- Tim McGraw: Any daddy’s girl will love this song. This birthday song is for your daughter, but it is unique from the perspective. 
  10. Glory- Jay-Z: Even if you don’t have any kids, you still can get emotional with the song. It was written for and featured his daughter, Blue. It indicates the daughters as the best creation in the music. 
  11. There Goes My Life- Kenny Chesney: This country song about the daughter depicts the story of a father who unexpectedly had a daughter, and now he is watching his daughter going to college. This song is a story of a father-daughter duo. 
  12. When you Need Me- Bruce Springsteen: This father-Daughter duo song is exceptional with the lyrics like, “And when those mean days come along/We’ll stand together, and we’ll take them on/ So if you need me just call my name.”
  13. In my Daughter’s Eyes- Martina McBride: This song reminds us of the great mother-daughter relationship. 
  14. Mama’s Song- Carrie Underwood: This song is dedicated to the daughter’s wedding day when a mother is reassuring her.
  15. Never Grow Up– Taylor Swift: This is an emotional mother-daughter song that can make you cry.
  16. You Can’t Lose Me– Faith Hill: This song is about an emotional conversation between a mother and daughter.
  17. Blue- Beyonce: This is another modern song for daughters. This song is about love for a little girl.  
  18. Where You Lead, I Will Follow- Carole King: This song became famous on the show “Gilmore Girls,” this is something that every mother would love to sing for her daughter.  
  19. Father and Daughter by Paul Simon: The lyrics of this song explain the relationship between father and daughter perfectly!
  20. Gracie by Ben Folds: The love for daughters cannot be written. But this song explains it very nicely.

The above-listed songs can also be used as birthday songs for your daughter. This list has all the songs which show the world the importance of daughters in a family. 


The place of a daughter in a family is significant. They constitute an essential part of a family. There are many special moments in a daughter’s life. You can use these songs in those special moments, such as birthday songs for your daughter.

Refer to the above list before depicting your love for your daughter. We wish that your relationship with your daughter will always remain perfect.