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One tool for your family to organize, manage and pass on your digital legacy the RIGHT way. 

Digital Legacy Platform for your Mileage Points
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Clocr (short for Cloud Locker) is the first, patent-pending, all-in-one Digital Legacy Planning & Disbursement Platform

digital estate

Digital Estate

Setup, manage and pass-on all your digital assets the legal way.
time capsule

Time Capsule

We capture your memories, messages, advice to pass on to your loved ones.
digital vault

Digital Vault

Store and share your most important documents safely and securely.
We all have a responsibility

We all have a

We all work hard in life to provide better things for our family. No one wants to see their family suffer and we strive to do our best to protect them.

Organizing, protecting, and passing on your digital estate with Clocr means you are a hero in fulfilling your responsibilities ensuring your loved ones have peace of mind.

We help you take one step at a time

We provide you with an easy to use onboarding flow and guide you through the entire process. We will remind you about the incomplete information and also proactively update you when new accounts are available.
We do the heavy lifting for you so, you can relax and enjoy the experience.

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Super Safe and Secure

Super Safe and Secure

Our unique and patent-pending security provides additional layers of protection that are not offered by any other service provider.

We have multiple patents pending on Clocr, security being the most important one. Imagine a digital shredder. We shred the files and put them into multiple cloud storage providers. We assemble them back only when the user needs it. What that means is that even if multiple storage layers are hacked, the files are still rendered useless.


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Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions
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