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What happens to your digital ASSETS when you die?

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Safeguard your digital Legacy

What happens to your online accounts when you become incapacitated or pass away?

How do you make sure your Digital Assets are handled as per your wishes?

Should you include your Digital Assets in your Estate Planning document?

These questions become crucial when you have monetized content, advertising revenue streams, domain names, and bitcoins.

The best way to make sure your Digital Assets are efficiently handled by your executors is to create a Digital Estate Plan or an Online Will for your accounts and store them in a Digital Vault.

Take Control

Automation, easy to use wizards, bite-size workflow, and proactive notifications will engage you to complete your portfolio with ease.

Digital Estate


Create a Legacy Plan for your Online Accounts and Digital Assets in seconds and designate who can take possession of your accounts when the time comes.

ICE Vault


Efficiently organize, manage, and share your information and documents with family, friends, or business partners.

Time Capsule


Pass on your stories, memories, and even apologies. Inscribe whenever the mood strikes, share with whomever you choose, release when the time is right.

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Clocr is a step into the future.

Over the course of your life, you collect a bunch of assets that can be lost… and when you really need them, it could be an unexpected surprise for you and a long process of restoring.

CLOCR is an innovative digital asset storage solution. With this service, people can store and manage all their important information on a secure platform with access when they need it, and from anywhere.

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Planning for the Digital Era

Regular alerts and notifications, along with a nominee dashboard, keep you updated on any changes in the Digital Estate or Digital Vault.

Instant Access

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Your designees instantly gain access to your digital portfolio—no need to worry about the lengthy and drawn-out legal process.



Built on RUFADAA guidelines—designated beneficiaries can access your accounts without worrying about breaking privacy laws.

Cost Effective


Our cost-effective solution eliminates the need for you to use expensive legal services to ensure your digital assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Peace of Mind


What you want saved and distributed, goes to your designees while what you want to disappear once you’ve passed will do just that.

What our customers say

We are proud to be blazing the trail in the Digital Legacy Planning industry.

Security is

Clocr’s PATENT-PENDING state-of-the-art digital safety vault helps to secure your essential documents and information.

All your records and critical information in one place and our unique proprietary algorithm provides additional layers of protection beyond military grade encryption.

Critical information, files, and passwords are split up, the pieces distributed to multiple storage locations.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Clocr, short for Cloud Locker, is an ultra-secure cloud-based safe deposit box for your most valuable digital documents, accounts, and assets. Our services include all-in-one digital asset management with legacy planning and beneficiary management, password vault, digital vault and time capsule. All features are easy-to-use, secure and easily accessible at any time.

An average digital native (anyone with an email account), has more than 130 digital accounts. This includes, email ids, social media accounts, subscriptions, digital photo and video hosting platforms, bank accounts, crypto currencies, website domains, accounts to alumni networks, and the list goes on! All these accounts, when combined have immense monetary and sentimental value. Unclaimed/forgotten digital accounts are easy prey for identity theft and fraud. With Clocr, you can not only securely store, organize, and manage all these digital assets, it also allows you to assign a beneficiary and legally pass them on, in case of any unforeseen tragedy.

Our services include all-in-one digital asset management with legacy planning and beneficiary management, password vault, digital vault and time capsule. All features are easy-to-use, secure and easily accessible at any time.

All your digital accounts and assets form a part of your ‘digital estate’. While a simple solution might be just to keep a list of account credentials “in a safe place”, the fact that they might have the information to access to the accounts doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the legal authority to do so, especially when a website’s Terms of Service do not permit a transfer of ownership. In fact, heirs could potentially be found guilty of “hacking” by trying to access a loved one’s online accounts after he/she is gone, even if it was the individual’s dying wish. Clocr ensures that all your accounts follow the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RUFADAA) of 2015. Clocr follows the RUFADAA guidelines that allow you to create a digital will that is legally-binding to keep your accounts safe now and even after you are not around.

Our top priority is Security:

  • We use the highest standard in network communications with 256-bit encryption and automatically encrypt your data.
  • We use state-of-the-art cloud providers to ensure round-the-clock on-site security.
  • We provide an option for subscribers to choose our proprietary (patent-pending) “shard security” that stores encrypted data shreds in multiple geographically located servers for additional security.