Family matters.

Passing on assets to family members easily matters a lot.


John & Jane

Jan 2017

John is a software engineer and his wife, Jane, is a nurse. They are very successful in their careers and they have two beautiful kids in college. John is a savvy real estate investor and he has investments in real estate all over the county. Jane is passionate about her career and is not keen on keeping track of all of their investments.

All of a sudden, John gets an unexpected fatal heart attack. Jane is shocked with this sudden life changing event. Jane’s work life comes to a screeching halt dealing with this disaster.

Jane has no idea where all the investments and documents are and how to find them. She has to go through each and every file on his laptop to get an idea of what assets they own.

Jane now needs to access and go through dozens of John’s accounts to gain access to the documents. She need go through every single paper in his office. She needs to work with CPAs, bankers, financial accountants, insurance companies, auto companies and many more to get a handle on their financial situation.

Jane wishes John had taken a little bit of time to organize all of his assets and documents so that his family wouldn’t have to go through this struggle. It would have been so much easier for Jane.

Rodrigo & Sandra

Feb 2017

Rodrigo and Sandra are in their early 30s and have pre-school twins. Rodrigo works for the state government and loves playing soccer. Rodrigo and Sandra are from South America and actively participate in community activities.

Unfortunately, both Rodrigo and Sandra get killed in a road accident on their way to a community event. All of a sudden, Rodrigo and Sandra’s friends are left with two young kids and have no idea how to contact their immediate family. However painful it is, the community has no choice other than turning the kids over to the government. They turn to social media as a last resort to contact Rodrigo and Sandra’s family and relatives but no one has a copy of their will or last wishes.

Now, the twins are at the disposal of the child protective services system. Since no one could produce a copy of Rodrigo and Sandra’s will, their kids may be sent to foster care and their assets will be disposed of per government rules. Rodrigo’s sister and Sandra’s brother are engaged in a legal battle with the government to salvage the situation.

Everyone wished Rodrigo and Sandra left a copy of their will with their immediate family or their close friends. They regret that they were so busy helping the community but never took time to plan for their family.

Srini & Laya

Mar 2017

Srini and Laya are IT professionals. They are originally from India and came to US to pursue their dreams. They both are successful in their careers and are living their dream life.

One day, Srini was hit by a drunk driver on his way from work and gets admitted to a hospital. The accident was so bad that Srini immediately went into a coma and is unable to respond.

Doctors notify Laya about attempting a complex procedure that needs to be done in the next 1 hour for Srini to have any hopes of survival.

Doctors asked for Srini’s Medicial Power of Attorney that authorizes Laya to take medical decisions on his behalf. Laya is unaware of such requirements but shows proof that she is his legal wife and is willing to many any decisions required.

Doctors are helpless in this situation without Srini’s Medical Power of Attorney and advise Laya to hire a lawyer to take care of the situation until Laya has legal authority to make decisions on Srini’s behalf.

Laya is devastated that not having access to his Medical Power of Attorney could cost her her husband’s life.

How unfortunate this situation can be, where a loved one is in critical condition on a hospital bed but you are legally not able to help?

Amin & Irina

Apr 2017

Amin is a successful lawyer and his wife Irina is a housewife. They have 3 kids settled in various parts of the country.

Amin created last and living wills when his kids were younger and allocated custodians, beneficiaries for all his domestic and international assets. He knows that these documents will protect his family in case something happens to him. He made three copies of the will. One copy is given to his parents, one copy is sent to his close friends (florida), and one he kept in his office.

Time passes by, and now Amin and Irina have moved and retired in Texas. Amin passes away unexpectedly and Probate court needs his last will.

Irina couldn’t remember where their copy of the will was, as they moved since their will was last updated.

Irina called Amin’s parents for help. They couldn’t remember Amin ever giving them his weill. Irinas call their friend in Florida for a copy of Amin’s will. They said they lost all their paper documents due to hurricane flooding.

Now, despite being proactive about having last wishes, Irina is left with no options. She wished there would have been a better way to protect their wills.

Nick & Lakshmi

May 2017

Nick and Lakshmi are successful doctors and acquired lot of wealth over the years. Lakshmi is a jewelry fanatic and buys new items for every possible occasion. Nick is into watches and designer pens, and he collects them every opportunity he gets. After all, they have money to spend. Nick, being cautious about protecting their wealth, took an insurance plan to cover all their valuables.

One day, there was a hurricane in their area and their house gets flooded, washing a lot of valuables down the river.

Unfortunately, the hurricane also produced tornadoes and their house gets hit, hurling whatever is left from the floods into the streets.

Nick wasn’t too bothered, as he has plenty of insurance coverage. After taking care of basic needs, Nick calls the insurance company for reimbursement. Obviously they asked for proof of all the articles before they can process their claims.

Nick realized that he lost all the paperwork in the flood and hurricane and has no real proof to show the insurance company.

Nick wished that he had a system where he could have stored all the important documents and updated them often for additional protection.

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