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Clocr, short form for Cloud Locker, is an ultra-secure cloud-based safe deposit box for your most valuable digital documents. Services include all-in-one digital asset management, legacy planning, and disbursement. You can have peace of mind knowing that your family's documents are safe and accessible, when needed.

Clocr is a Delaware, USA-based corporation.

Security is the top priority at Clocr.

  • We use the highest standard in network communications, 256-bit encryption to provide access to the devices you use including your desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablets.
  • We use state of the art cloud providers to provide round the clock on-site security to their data centers with extremely restricted access requirements. Encrypted data is backed up and stored in multiple geographically diverse servers.
  • We provide an option for subscribers to choose our proprietary ultra- security for sensitive documents.
    Read More on Security here

Clocr takes security very seriously and it is our top priority. We offer multi-factor authentication by default. We are 100 percent hosted in the cloud. That means, we do not use servers vulnerable to hacking. We keep track of Clocr admins and all their access is tracked. We use identity management system to create and manage corporate users, and use key management systems to lock the admin passwords so no one has access to the code and server assets.
Review Clocr security architecture for more details.

Great news, you already have taken care of the one of the most important documents in your life. Clocr allows you to store your MPoA, agents, physician/insurance information, and digital copies. Through Clocr, you can assign your family as guardians so that they can access your MPoA easily in case of an emergency.

While it is good that you already have people with access to your will. Clocr provides an additional layer of protection, because people may lose track of these important documents. Clocr enables you to store digital copies in the secure cloud locker. You can document who has your will, medical proxy, and other important documents along with their contact information. You also can assign beneficiaries in Clocr who can access to your account. Clocr is the best choice for protecting your information and sharing it with your family.

The Clocr Dashboard offers a lot of summary information about your accounts, assignees. You will be able to see if any of your assignees have or have not signed up with Clocr. There is built-in alerting and messaging process that periodically alerts you and your assignees who have not logged-in to Clocr for an extended period of time.

Clocr offers end-to-end digital account/asset management capabilities, beneficiary allocation, legacy planning, a proprietary ultra-security feature that sets us apart. Please review "What We Offer" to understand how Clocr is different from other cloud storage vendors. Clocr offers end-to-end digital account/asset management capabilities, beneficiary allocation, legacy planning, and a proprietary ultra-security feature that no other service does. Please review "What We Offer" to understand how Clocr is different from other cloud-based storage vendors.

No one other than you has access to your information unless you assign it. You have flexibility in controlling your guardian access for each asset. You can grant various access levels ranging from "No Access" through "Full Access"."

You have flexibility in controlling your assignees and their access for each account. You can grant various access levels ranging from "No Access" through "Full Access".

Managing your assignees (Family & Friends) and their access to your documents is one of Clocr's main differentiators. You are able to define what kind of access each assignee can have. For example, if you do not want an assignee have access to your documents, you give them "No Access". Assignees with "No Access" cannot see the contents of your folder. The idea is that you are able to control the access levels for each of your assets/accounts and your assignees.


"Who will take care of our children when we're gone? As parents, that's the question we're plain scared of answering, let alone preparing for. Still, prepare we must, because that is the only thing in our control. And writing down a living will is the first step to making peace with that unimaginable situation, should it ever arise. But too often people who have taken that first step of leaving behind a living will do not go onto the next and even more important step. They forget to SHARE that will with members of their family who can actually take the actions listed out in the will. Too often, the living will exists, but no one knows where it is. Clocr changes all of that, and how! With Clocr, sharing a digitized living will, with family, is easy, fast, and secure. There is no reason now to NOT use Clocr - we do. And we know that while the unimaginable can still happen, our children will be in the hands we've said they should be in, in our digital living will. All because of Clocr - a life-safer that will live on, even when we might not be alive."

Sharath Pallemoni

a Clocr Family User

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