Your family matters!

Prepare and empower your loved ones through secure access to your most important documents.

Protect your assets

Clocr, a short form for ‘Cloud Locker,’ is a super secure digital locker for your family’s most important documents.

Protect them from disasters. Access them on the go. Enable your guardians help you or your family in case of emergencies.

You and your family deserve peace of mind

Save your family the agony of sifting through your office, mail, and computer to access your online accounts if a tragic event occurs.

Having the assurance that your designated guardians can access your portfolio is invaluable.

Super secure cloud portal for all your documents

  • Protect your important assets and access them on the go;

  • Designate your guardians and their access levels;

  • Identify your beneficiaries for your account disbursement; and

  • Keep track of wills/medical directives shared by others

Built on cutting edge technologies including proprietary ultra-security, Blockchain-backed authentication, and fraud detection.

We help you prepare for difficult situations

Emergencies happen without an invitation. While we can’t predict the future, we make it easy for you to plan for unforeseen disasters.

Natural Disasters

Floods, tornadoes, fires, and hurricanes are on the rise and families lose their homes or loved ones in unfortunate circumstances.

Are you prepared?

Clocr helps you by providing an easy, secure, and accessible way to store and share your documents with your family and friends. You and your guardians get uninterrupted access to all your documents. Your beneficiaries also can access to your entire portfolio in case of incapacity or death.


You want your family to have the best quality of life. However, without a will or trust, your intentions may not become reality. By using Clocr, you can proactively protect your children and ensure they are cared for by family and friends by making your will and trust conditionally accessible to guardians.


We can’t predict the future and don’t expect bad things to happen. However, Clocr can help you, your family, and friends get quick access to details for your insurance and your documentation of valuable physical assets such as jewelry, devices, and vehicles in case of damage or theft.

Travel Protection

Do you keep track of accounts and passwords on a piece of paper or in a draft email?With Clocr, you can use a more secure method with flexibility in granting and revoking access to your accounts.

Lost Your Wallet?

If someone steals your wallet or purse, they won’t wait to go on a shopping spree while you look for your contact numbers to lock cards and accounts. Keep that information handy in Clocr.

Legacy Planning

It’s important you set up multiple layers of protection when it comes to your legacy planning documents such as your medical directives, last will, do not resuscitate order, retirement forms, personal goodbye messages, and memorial requests forms. In Clocr, you have the flexibility to conditionally share your information. We make it easy for you to set up your portfolio.

Are you a Guardian?

Most people forget that they are a guardian or assignee Clocr can help you track and access wills and medical proxies entrusted to you by others.


"After more than three decades in specialty healthcare services and senior housing management, I have countless examples of the stress families and individuals experience in a healthcare crisis, hospice and death; attempting to locate Advanced Healthcare Directive, Wills, Financial records and many other documents necessary for fulfilling an individual’s personal wishes or final requests. Now, CLOCR offers a unique, secure, and easy way for individuals to share, track views, and store vital financial and personal documents easing the pain and suffering experienced in urgent emergency healthcare events, travel events or any unexpected event requiring sensitive documents, often a matter of life and death."

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