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The most secure way to manage and share your portfolio

Clocr is a solution for everyone

Whether you are a recent graduate joining the workforce, a seasoned professional, a successful business owner, or a retiree, Clocr is for you.

Security is our top priority.

Clocr is built on a secure foundation and with the highest encryption levels and multi-factor authentication. We also developed a unique and proprietary module that uses file slice and blockchain principles to store your files on a distributed storage network.

Please see the Security page for more details

Organize & manage your assets

With Clocr, you can store, access, and share electronic copies of your most important documents such as:

  • Wills, medical directives and other legal documents
  • Bank accounts, personal taxes, and property taxes
  • Retirement accounts and warranty certificates
  • Investments, rental properties, and business paperwork
  • Insurance paperwork and pictures of valuables such as furniture/jewelry
  • Transcripts, school records, and contracts

You can nicely organize your digital assets into various folders and access them from any device, anywhere.

Medical Power of Attorney (MPoA) or Medical Proxy

Create, store, manage and publish your medical proxy. You can share these documents with your family and friends.

Time is of the essence when dealing with medical emergencies.

Having access to important medical forms can be the ultimate difference between life and death.


An assignee, guardian, caretaker, or delegate is someone whom you trust and can rely on to help your family.

You have total control and flexibility as to who has access to one, some, or all of your digital assets. In case of an emergency, incapacity, or death, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your family and business associates will be able to easily access your assets as you wish.


Beneficiaries are the people who can takeover your Clocr account if something were to happen to you.

Clocr provides secure distribution of your account to your beneficiaries.

We will keep you informed.

Clocr alerts you and your assignees about your account.

If someone hasn't logged-in or responded to check-in reminders, alerts are sent to their Clocr network. This system keeps everyone engaged and alerted.

Most important documents anywhere, anytime

Clocr's extensive reporting and auditing capabilities give you a 360-degree view of your accounts, assignees, and associated documents. You won't get bogged down in folders.


"After turning my house inside-out looking for my will (and not finding it), I decided that I would not be treating my survivors fairly if I left them in the lurch as I had done to myself.

I got the message from my wife when she softly said: “You paid the lawyer how much to put that together and now its lost? You took the time to think about us and spent the money but as usual, you are not about the details: HOW IN THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GRIEVE FOR YOU AT THE SAME TIME WE ARE WONDERING HOW WE ARE GOING TO SURVIVE WITHOUT YOUR G.D. WILL?....Or MAYBE YOUR EX-WIFE HAS A COPY!”

I called my attorney and asked if he could send me a copy. Of course, he didn’t have one either. So, burdened by guilt, I hit the internet to find a better way to safeguard my important papers. (We had previously used a bank safety deposit box but we lost the keys, paid to have the lock drilled out and decided that we were just too disorganized to be trusted… even by ourselves. Then (drum roll) we came across Clocr. The timing was right and I decided to pursue this weakness and come up with a solution. So, I signed up with Clocr and used their free subscription to set up and store my important papers in the cloud. After going through the easy to follow video tutorials, I was able to set up a secure place to along with access and passwords for important people to help my family if I were to pass on. It was really cool. Then, all I had to do was make another will and upload it to the Clocr cloud. But then I thought about all of the other important documents my family would need in case of my passing and started to upload those. Within two weeks of signing up for the free subscription, I canceled my Dropbox account and started uploading important documents to Clocr because of their ULTRA SAFE PROGRAM.

Now, when I want to access any of my important documents, I can access them anywhere and anytime. And yes, I told my attorney about it and he just pushed back his chair and called in his personal assistant to get more information from me on Clocr."

Len Goodman

a Clocr Family User

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