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Comprehensive Digital Legacy & Emergency Planning solutions for your clients

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Grow your business. Ride the digital tsunami.

Get ahead of the competition and offer next-gen digital legacy solutions that align with the needs of current and future generations.

Clocr’s flagship Estate Management for Digital Assets (EMDA) service is an easy-to-use online platform that helps you establish and manage your client’s digital estate.

Help your clients consolidate, track and pass on their digital assets the legal way.

Clocr’s patent-pending security digitally shreds the information and distributes the fragments across multiple cloud locations, providing several layers of protection.


Wealth managers have devoted significant time to the transfer of assets but think about the value added by assisting in the transfer and preservation of memories and stories. With more information, including very important family photos and documents, being stored digitally there will be a growing need to pass down this data. The days of going through a family album or opening a shoebox of photos are going away.

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The world needs Clocr. It solves planning aspects of asset transition and organization in death for the modern world. Enabled through blockchain and cloud technologies, the tool provides an elegant solution to what can be a very painful process. Today, sorting through wills, trusts, and assets after death often create havoc in friends and families that are already grieving.

Digital Legacy Services that set you apart!

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Build Multigenerational Client Relationships

A consolidated view of your clients’ digital assets gets you visibility and easy access to their nominees, allowing you to extend your offerings beyond first-level contacts.

Enterprise-level solution with features to match

The enterprise portal is built for advisors of all sizes. Create multiple offices and attach advisors to them. Wide range of client management options for tagging your clients as private or shared. Detailed audit trail, extensive reporting, messaging and 360-degree view of your client’s portfolio.

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Anytime, Anywhere Command and Control

Mobile-ready workflows and Clocr’s admin dashboards allow you to easily manage and track multiple clients from a single account. Easily access client and nominee details for quick control and reconciliation.

Easy to Setup
Easier to Manage

Create your account and set up your fellow advisors.

Invite clients to sign up for Clocr using our pre-defined templates. Your client grants you read of full management capability

Ensure your client’s portfolio is complete and their nominees are set up.

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Give your clients and extra level of protection, preparedness, and peace, by offering a state-of-the-art digital legacy plan.

Offer them Clocr!