Clocr – Certified by Indusface

Indusface is an award-winning application security leader protecting global customers in 30+ countries with their unique Total Application Security platform that detects, protects, and monitors applications. Indusface has got industry recognition with mention ins Gartner Magic quadrants for Application Security Testing and Web application firewall, been awarded security product company by NASSCOM-DSCI.


Proprietary And Powerful

Clocr is hosted on a world renowned cloud provider that has built in security practices. We use 256-bit AES encryption for all the files you store in Clocr by default. Clocr offers an Ultra-Security feature that is unique and proprietary to Clocr, providing additional layers of protection that are not offered by any other vendor in the industry.

Ultra Security

Clocr offers an Ultra-Security feature that is built on IPFS and Blockchain concepts, provides additional layers of protection that are unique and proprietary.

Multi-factor Authentication

In addition to strong password security measures, multi-factor authentication offers additional layers of security.

Security From Ground Up

We built Clocr to be totally secure from ground up. Security is in the very fabric of Clocr’s architecture and culture. Refer to Amazon AWS security guide for more details

On-going Research

Clocr takes extreme measures in safeguarding your data and continually researches and employs new ways to protect your data.

Strict Access Controls

Clocr locks down access at every layer. No one other than you can access your data

Application Security | Pen Tests

We engage renowned, trusted third-party security firms to perform vulnerability testing, audits and penetration testing of Clocr application and infrastructure.


Clocr is 100% cloud native and hosted on Amazon Web Services(AWS). We leverage many AWS components to provide a reliable, fault-tolerant, and highly available systems in the cloud


We use the highest standard in network communications that provides bank level security. Data is transmitted using TLS 1.2 with AES 256 encryption, preventing any man-in-the-middle attack or data snooping. No data is stored on our local devices. Data is never transmitted in plain text. We not only encrypt data in transit we encrypt the files, data at rest as well.