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You can be a senior living facility owner, a realtor, a CPA, an estate lawyer or an insurance agent. Any business has the opportunity to increase revenue through Clocr. Ask us how we can help you at

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Differentiate yourself from the pack. You can add extra value for your current or future customers by offering Clocr subscriptions. Ask us how we can help you at

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Clocr-Enterprise - Transform your business

Are you dealing with many customers and their documents?
Sending sensitive documents via e-mail?
Not enough budget or staff for digital transformation?

Let Clocr to help you.

Embark on digital transformation in a snap.

• No software to install, no need for training, and better yet, it doesn’t cost a fortune.
• Unlike a corporate collaboration platform, Clocr does not require hardware, installation, setup customizations, and an army of people to manage.
• Clocr is a cloud-based service (Software as a Service or SaaS) that is ready to serve you in minutes and transform your business with ease and efficiency.


"The service provided by Clocr is an extremely valuable one, especially for my business. We provide a service to families who are looking for quality senior living for their loved one. One of the biggest issues that families have during this time is that they don’t have all the information in one place that is critical in case of the debilitation or even death of their loved one. Clocr solves this problem by providing one place to store all information related to estate planning, such as life insurance policies, annuities, a will, advanced directives, medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney, and beneficiary designations. I have found the user interface very straightforward and easy use, and the fact that Clocr uses advanced technologies to provide the highest form of security of all data stored in my cloud locker gives me peace of mind that those confidential documents are secure. This service will provide an opportunity for my clients to have this same peace of mind during what is many times a chaotic and emotional time."

Jerry Watson

with Assisted Living Locators West Dallas & Mid-Cities

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