11 Quotes About Leaving A Legacy

leaving a legacy quotes

Leaving a legacy isn’t easy. It requires hard work, consistency, and faith. Everybody has a different legacy. Some are known for their truthfulness, while some are known for their talents like football or cricket. 

You might have suffered a loss recently. You may be engrossed in the loss and might be handling the legacy that the deceased person leaves. Quotes about Leaving a legacy might help you overcome the burden you have on your shoulder.

So let us directly jump to the concerned topic of this blog. Have a look at 11 leaving legacy quotes.

  1. “Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s about leaving something in people”.- This famous and meaningful quote was given by Peter Strople, a business strategist. This quote defines the real meaning of legacy. It has a deep meaning with the real essence of legacy.
  2. “Your economic security does not lie in your job or business. It lies inside you, your power to produce, to think, to learn, to create, to adapt. That is financial independence in the true sense. It is not about having wealth; it is about having to produce wealth”. – Stephen Covey, an author, gave this powerful quote. This quote about financial legacy is very much appreciated. This quote asks you to believe in yourself and build your wealth.
  3. “Money may not be happiness, but it can be happy for sure.” – Famous musician Freddie Mercury gave this materially significant quote. We all know that money can soothe our emotional stress. This is a financial legacy quote that can take your stress downwards, and you can achieve mental peace after reading this quote.
  4. “It can be a challenge, but my legacy is that you don’t run from challenges as they are more comfortable and convenient.”- This quote was given by a lawyer named Bryan Stevenson. This leaving a legacy quote is motivationalIt asks you to do hard work and not run away from it.
  5. “It’s humbling and enthralling to know about your legacy when you are alive.”- This quote was penned down by Psychologist and talk radio host Laura Schlessinger. Some people don’t become famous until they die. They get exposed to fame after their demise.
  6. “All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level that we could only imagine”.- Jim Rohn gave this quote. It talks about the development of the future generation with the hard work of today’s generation. This optimistic quote is inspirational.
  7. “No legacy is as rich as honesty.”- This realistic quote is given by none other than William Shakespeare himself. Honesty is a powerful weapon that can win hearts. Honesty is very rare. Everyone remembers an honest person for an infinite time.
  8. “That is your legacy when you leave this earth: how many hearts you touched.” – Patti Davis writes this poetic quote. Winning hearts is an art that everyone cannot learn. Learning this art is a legacy in itself.
  9. “Your story is the greatest legacy you will leave to your friends and closely associated persons. It’s the longest-lasting legacy you will leave to your heirs”. – Steve Saint gave this quote. The literal meaning of this quote is to be a better version of you. Getting better every day to set an example for future generations is what this quote asks for.
  10. “Children are the legacy we leave for the time we will not live to see.” – Aristotle, who was a famous philosopher, propounded this quote. He seeks children’s education to build a better future for themselves and society.
  11. “Gently, you can shake the world.”- This quote was given by famous Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi, who was a freedom fighter. His struggle for freedom included non-violent movements. This set an example to make big announcements gently.


Leaving legacy quotes that can inspire you to do better works can be perceived from the above blog. It is not very difficult to drain down the stress of carrying a legacy. Human nature is conscious, and it keenly observes others’ behavior towards them.

Reading these quotes might help you to overcome the burden on your shoulder.