What Being Death Positive Means: Life, death, and Everything in Between

what being death positive means

Death is always considered a thing to mourn upon. People who are death-positive tend to speak openly about death. They see honest conversations about death & dying as the cornerstone of a healthy society. This is an exciting topic to discuss, and this blog post is all about being a death positive. So let’s proceed with this out-of-the-box topic.

The Principle of Death Positivity

The very fact that death is considered a curse is challenged by the principles mentioned above. Please read the principles and give a deep thought to them.

  1. Denying death and hiding it does more harm than good to our society.
  2. The culture of silence around death should be broken through discussions, gatherings, art, innovation, and scholarship.
  3. Talking and engaging about the inevitable truth of death is not morbid but curiosity about the human condition. 
  4. A dead body is not dangerous, and everyone should be empowered to be involved in care for the dead. 
  5. The laws that govern death, end-of-life, and dying care should ensure that a person’s wishes are honored, regardless of sexual, gender, religious, or racial identity. 
  6. Death should be handled in a way that does not do great harm to the environment. 
  7. A person’s friends and family should know the end-of-life wishes, and the concerned person should have the necessary paperwork to back up those wishes. 
  8. An open and honest advocate must be around death that can make a difference and change the culture. 

Caitlin Doughty gave these principles based on her observations and life experiences. 

The Power of Words

The second principle that talks about breaking this taboo is by discussing this realistic topic are what we will discuss here. Every word spoken has some influence on society. We know death is tricky, and everybody deals with it differently. 

Talking about death can make people feel uncomfortable and challenge some people. As a culture, we shy away from having discussions on this topic. Death is inevitable, and we cannot get away from it. 

However, what we need is a change of mindset, and this mindset can only be changed through discussions and word of mouth. In recent years, we have witnessed some ‘death cafes’ around the world where people gather and discuss their fears, experiences, feelings, and how they recover from the death of a person. Only these discussions can change people’s perception of death around the world. Everybody has different beliefs about death, and some beliefs come from their religious practices. 

But the only way to change this perception is by having discussions about being death positive

Death- Positive Vibes

Accepting death and talking about it can bring out the emotion of some people, and for some, it brings out their desire to plan a funeral that depicts personal wishes, which makes it memorable. Death is the most intimate event in anyone’s life, and therefore it is essential to think about how that day would go and personalize the whole experience. 

In Indonesia, funeral activities can take years and sometimes even decades to conclude because they involve planning, dancing, and singing, an exciting ritual. This concept is beautiful, and dealing with the demise of a person is different for everyone. 

In some places, the dead body is kept in the home and taken care of as if it is simply a sick person. This is the last tribute that is given to the deceased person. The death-positive movement empowers the families, allowing them to be involved in the death of their loved ones. 


Death is a positive thing, and it should be dealt with the same way. People think that death is a curse or a bad thing. It is valid because losing a loved one has never been easy. But the perception about death must be changed. 

Being death positive is what is promoted in this blog post. The way of dealing with the deaths must be changed. We should have an open conversation about the ends, and more feelings about it must be opened up. This is a new concept, and people will take time to adapt it.