Guide To Funeral Flowers: Color, Arrangements, and Types

Guide to sympathy flowers color


Sending sympathy flower color necessitates can be careful consideration and arrangement. There are many options and a lot of factors to consider. White flowers are a go-to choice. Since white represents calm, innocence, and purity, it is a traditional color for sympathy flower arrangements. Send a lovely white bouquet to express your heartfelt sympathies. 

Another option is to send their favorite color or flower to honor them and show them you care. If the person loves green, you can get green flowers, if you want them to be different from the traditional white flowers. Depending on the deceased’s preference when they were living, you can also choose a red rose arrangement for the funeral or cemetery service. Choose a vibrant design. 

In memory of someone who spiced up life via smiles, laughing, and pleasant times spent together during life’s journey here on earth, some may find brilliant colors suitable rather than muted colors like white or cream. Here are a few examples of typical sympathy flower colors and arrangements:

1. Roses

White flowers represent purity, innocence, and adoration, while red ones represent respect, love, and courage. Yellow roses represent happiness and friendship, while pink ones represent gratitude, grace, and adoration. Peach flowers are symbolic of sincerity and thanks.

2. Carnations

Carnations are a popular flower for funerals and come in different colors. White ones represent love, pride, beauty, and uniqueness, while red carnations indicate appreciation, while white carnations symbolize perfect love and good luck. Purple flowers represent capriciousness, whereas pink carnations symbolize remembering.

3. Daisies

In nature, daisies are a vibrant bloom. They are fluffy, bright, and white. They are symbols of innocence, loyalty, and simplicity. Daisies are a good choice for children and young people because of these features.

4. Lilies

Simple and elegant, lilies are a popular choice for sympathy flowers. They are available in many colors, including pink, white, stargazer (pink with white), and yellow. Lilies are for funeral arrangements, but people also send them as a personal gift to demonstrate their concern.

5. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, or mums, are the most popular flower used in funeral arrangements. The origin of chrysanthemums is unknown. They were first cultivated in China and then brought to Japan around the 15th century. Today, there are over 40 species of mums. Many cultures have long revered the chrysanthemum as a symbol of death, mourning, and even rebirth. The color of chrysanthemums can also hold symbolic meaning for a funeral service. Red mums represent love, while white ones represent purity or innocence.

Common Funeral Flower Arrangements

Many cultures want to create a calming and celebratory atmosphere during funerals. That is how the following sympathy flower arrangements came by. Here is a few common sympathy flowers color arrangement:

  • Casket Spray A casket spray is an acceptable flower arrangement for an open-casket viewing or funeral. Casket sprays are often huge floral arrangements containing a variety of flowers. The colors and forms of the flowers should complement one another.

  • Wreath or Standing Spray Wreaths and standing sprays go on an easel stand. Although there are some exceptions, they are typically circular, much like a wheel. The flowers are arranged to face outwards and are usually of one type of flower or a combination of different flowers.

  • Full Couch Spray The Full Couch Spray covers the entire top half of a casket. These floral arrangements tend to be more lush and extravagant than others. There is no limit to what a family member could choose for this arrangement, so keep the deceased in mind.

  • Cross or Crucifix For funeral services, crosses are a popular choice of arrangement. A cross can represent many things, including the spirit of your loved ones. In some presentations, people use roses, carnations, and gladiolus. A crucifix instead of just across could be another possibility.

  • Hearts, Stars, and Circles Heart and star-shaped flower arrangements represent permanence and continuity. Circles are a traditional symbol of eternity and have no religious connotation. A circle-shaped flower arrangement is appropriate for any funeral service and can convey your feelings about permanence.

Expert's Take

Funeral flowers express sincere condolences and convey heartfelt sympathy. However, it may be helpful to know that not all funeral flowers are the same. There are a variety of sympathy flower colors and arrangements that people can choose from when sending their final respects. Some commonly chosen sympathy flowers include casket sprays, wreaths, standing sprays or floor baskets, heart-shaped arrangements or pillows, crosses, etc.


There is a lot to know about funeral flowers. There can be many questions surrounding what flowers to order and how to arrange them. In honor of the deceased and family, it is important to follow protocol when selecting and arranging the correct sympathy flower color.

Funeral flowers or sympathy flowers are an integral part of the ceremony, paying tribute to the deceased. They are a simple yet beautiful way to express your love and admiration for the departed soul and family.