How To Manage Your Digital Life

How To Manage Your Digital Life

The internet is sort of an unavoidable part of our lives. It’s literally everywhere. Although the internet is a great place to communicate with your friends and family and share your ideas with them, it’s also a place that can get people in a lot of trouble. 

Thus, it’s important to manage your Digital Life. Although it is a relatively new concept and with the number of online accounts, passwords, and documents we store on our computers, it can be quite difficult to manage all this information.  

But it is becoming a necessity to find and manage all this information so that your loved ones can access them. Moving forward we would like to discuss some of the tips that can help you manage your digital life easier.

Create a Digital Estate Plan

It can be scary to think that all your information is out there for anyone to see, especially when you are not there to manage them anymore. But that is exactly what happens if you don’t make decisions happen to your digital assets after your demise.  

A Digital Estate Plan allows you to outline how your online accounts should be managed now, or after you have passed away.  For Example, you might be closing down your Amazon Prime account or wanting to memorialize your social media accounts when you’re no longer using them. Thus having a plan for your digital assets helps you take control of your digital life.

Keep Your Online Accounts Secure

Having all your information in one place makes it simple and convenient. We have the perfect solution for you i.e. our Digital Vault. You can think of your Digital Vault as the place to store and give access to your digital life. This can include any type of content, for instance,  photos and videos, account credentials, and important documents and files. You get to decide who has access to it and when.

Keeping your online accounts or digital assets secure is a modern necessity and we need to step up and take action towards securing our digital life.

Let Your Loved Ones Know

No one knows about your online life as much as you do. Thus, it’s important to choose someone you trust and let them know where you’ve organized your digital assets, and how to access them. This will make things easy for them and they can easily have access to and follow your wishes regarding your online assets. You can think of these trusted contact as the person in charge of your digital assets after your passing. 


Leaving the destiny of your online life up to chance puts you at great risk. Especially when you constantly hear about things like online fraud, identity theft, and data theft. These things can leave your family feeling stressed when making decisions on your behalf.  Each of our tips outlined above can easily be accomplished with Clocr. 

We hope you take the necessary steps to protect your digital life and give your family peace of mind even after your passing.

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