Wealth and family valuables hold a major portion of most people’s estate planning process. The testator, usually, plans their legacy around passing on their tangible and digital assets after their death to still be a part of their loved ones’ lives. In this process, however, people forget something more important; they forget to pass on their values and memories

Instilling family values in loved ones and sharing your life experiences, while you are alive is easy. You can do it in simple ways by having discussions over brunch, participating in activities or something else entirely that is your own.

But what about when you pass on? 

Don’t worry, you can continue to be a part of your loved ones’ lives and assist in bringing them up even if you were to pass on by using your will:

Plan finances to suit your values 

While planning your estate to pass on your wealth, keep the values you wish to impart to your beneficiaries at the forefront of your mind. You can do this by setting aside a fund specific to your values (charity, education, family vacations) and naming a beneficiary

Create a digital will

You can choose to leave behind a video, or even some letters, emails and photographs that reflect your values. You can do this by using Clocr’s Digital Time Capsule or even store them in your hard drive. Include them while making your digital will with clear instructions to your executor. 

Say goodbye with a legacy letter

Draft a letter, electronically or handwritten, and attach it to your will. Use this letter to express your life’s learnings, wishes, love, values and everything else you want to. However, ensure you DO NOT leave any instructions to execute your official will in the legacy letter.  

Now that you know what to not oversee while creating your will, sign up with Clocr to start your Legacy Plan and Time Capsule, and pass on your values and memories!

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