Digital Gifts for your Loved Ones this Christmas

Digital Gifts for your Loved Ones this Christmas

Do you want to gift your loved ones and family something meaningful? Well, stop your Christmas shopping because we may have the answer for all your needs. This Christmas, instead of getting your family something that they will hardly use, surprise them with the digital gift of all in one legacy planning. 

In the past couple of years, we have seen how unpredictable life really can be. That’s why we here at Clocr believe that planning at least allows you to tackle whatever curveball life throws at you. 

Let’s go around and see how Clocr can help this Christmas. First up, we have the time capsule

Time Capsule

Remember that episode in FRIENDS, The One with the Cake- where Ross and Rachel’s daughter turns one. In that episode, Ross goes around asking everyone to record a brief message for their daughter, so that she could see it once she turns eighteen. 

Let’s say you got inspired by the show and recorded a message for your children or grandchildren back in 1999 in your handy camcorder. It would be very difficult to view this message today because of the out-of-date technology. 

Well, Clocr is here to save the day with our Time Capsule feature. You don’t have to rely on any device now. With our digital time capsule, you can record messages for your loved ones whenever and wherever you want. Record your stories, memories and adventures that you would like to share. You can also use it to create your last wishes that your family can access after you have passed. Send heartfelt messages, apologies, and more and schedule it to be unlocked only by the receiver. The time capsule allows you to show future generations who you truly were, the real you. Clocr’s Time Capsule is the first of its kind digital journal you will leave behind for your loved ones. So this Christmas, why not record the festivities and family gatherings for yourself and your future. 

If you found the time capsule interesting, the digital vault might just be the thing you are looking for

Digital Vault

Almost everyone has a safe deposit box somewhere, safeguarding important paperwork, documents and physical objects. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you had the same level of security and protection for your digital files and documents as well? Look no further than Clocr’s Digital Vault option. Our state-of-the-art ultra-secure Digital Vault is built on a unique, proprietary platform that ensures tight security and regulatory compliance. 

Imagine the ease of using google drive or Dropbox with the security of a safety deposit at your bank, that is what Clocr’s Digital vault is all about. The digital shredding technology, where all your documents are “shredded” till the right person has access to it, is what makes this digital vault one of the most secure location for all your sensitive files and documents. You can store, organize and even share your documents with family, friends and business partners and keep track of your files with a single click.  

In case of any emergencies, your assignees can also easily access the data that you have shared with them and you can live stress-free. Be stress-free this Christmas with Clocr’s digital vault. 

It looks like we have reached our last stop, the Digital Estate.

Digital Estate

Have you ever thought of what will happen to your digital assets and property when you are not there? We often forget the value of our digital assets and even the private information that we have shared with accounts online.

In Clocr, we believe in being prepared all the time because we cannot predict what might happen next in our lives. Better to be safe than sorry. 2021 is just about to end, so just look back and you’ll see how much we have integrated ourselves into the digital space. So what will happen to all the accounts that you have created online? What about the ones that charge subscription fees per month? What about those accounts from which you earn money? Maybe you have even gone into cryptocurrencies these past few years? Ever wondered what would happen to these assets when you pass on? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.


With Clocr’s Digital Estate service, you can start planning your Digital Assets today. Strictly adhering to the RUFADAA guidelines, you can now legally pass on your Digital Assets. Manage your online accounts, passwords, emails and more and share it with your selected nominees for the Digital Asset. You can now add or remove nominees with a single click as well. Planning and organizing your future and your digital afterlife have never been this easy.

Visit Clocr today and celebrate Christmas with the gift of digital legacy and gain that peace of mind.