Why Is Business Emergency Planning Important?

Why Is Business Emergency Planning Important?

As busy as life gets, we pay little attention to risks that can instantly impact our lives. Benjamin Franklin, one of the foremost founding fathers of the United States, once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Emergency planning is vital for us to predict hazards and navigate through difficult situations. Why […]

How to make a will without a lawyer?

make a will without a lawyer

We all have heard or witnessed problems among family members regarding the distribution of property. Sometimes, it led to horrendous crime as well. The essential step you can take here to avoid such confusion and hassle after your death is to draft a will. A will lets you conclude what will happen to your assets […]

Are Online Wills and Trusts Legal?

online or digital will is a legalized 'will'

When done correctly, online wills can be just as legal as one created by a licensed attorney and considerably less expensive. Making a will is highly recommended for anyone with significant assets. The main reason behind this is to ensure that the assets are not a bone of contention for your loved ones after you […]

Most Common Social Media Frauds Everyone Should Know

get hold of personal data for identity theft

The Internet is a vast platform that gives us solutions to various problems. From ordering groceries, interacting with friends and family, and working, we spend ample time on social media networks. We often seem not to consider the amount of information we put on the Internet. Many private details are on our accounts, from basic […]

What Is The Purpose Of A Secure Digital Vault?

secure digital vault protect sensitive data

Protection of a personal belonging is not something one would compromise on. And our digital assets are no exception. The concern of protecting your digital assets is entirely justified. That is where a digital vault comes to the rescue. But what is a secure digital vault, and how does it protect my sensitive data online? […]

What Is A Legacy Contact?

What Is A Legacy Contact Feature?

As we go through life, we amass a lot of belongings and possessions. For many of us, our things are more than just material items – they represent our memories, accomplishments, and hard work. That is where asset protection comes in. Asset protection safeguards your belongings and possessions from being taken or dissipated after death. […]

What Is The Difference Between Estate Planning And Will?

Estate Planning And Will

It’s not new for people to stumble on the question Is estate planning the same as a will and confuse Estate planning and wills. A will is a part of Estate planning. A will is a legalized document that ensures where one’s properties, such as real estate, cars, assets, or custody of their children. Those […]

Social Media Will: Importance of Protecting Your Digital Afterlife

Importance of Protecting Your Digital Afterlife

Our lives revolve around the internet in this era. From posting reels on Instagram to posting statuses on Facebook, we spend much time surfing the web. Hence, making plans regarding the future of your digital assets is crucial. Nowadays, we do everything online- from working to shopping. Our digital footprint is everlasting. Even when we […]

Online Vault: Do you really need one?

digital locker or safe or Digital Vault

The most significant part of our digital transformation is changing our thinking. The need to safeguard personal information and data has increased the demand for Digital Vaults. As digitization continues to prosper and data privacy becomes more crucial, essential documents and passwords must be kept in a safe, secure digital format, such as in a […]

What Is Safer Than A Safe Deposit Box?

service of a secure safe deposit box

We all have vital documents in our possession. We might often wonder how to store them safely. We will briefly discuss how to do so ahead. Other options are available nowadays besides the traditional bank safe deposit box. These are private vaults known for their high degree of security and safety. You can easily install […]